A Slow, Autumn Sunday

🍁 🍃 Slow Sunday 🍂 🍁

This Weekend, my children and I were home alone.  Daddy went to a family wedding in France and we were left to fill the weekend.

On Saturday, we went to swimming lessons and then had fun at the park with some friends.  A lovely day, but I could sense my kids (and I!) were knackered.

So on Sunday we stayed home.  How did we fill our day? ⁣

🌟Making Norwegian Waffles for Breakfast⁣

🌟Making Beeswax Candles (aka Dad’s Birthday Present!)

🌟Creating a Bug Hotel and Leaf Print Creatures⁣

🌟Roasting Marshmallows on our Denk Firebowl.  A firm favourite!

🌟Reading lots of books⁣

🌟Building a Train Track with Brio⁣

🌟Creating a HUGE castle and farm world with our Ostheimer⁣

🌟Dressing-Up in our playsilks and being magicians!

🌟Making Autumn Bunting to hang on our playhouse.  My children cut out the felt Leaves and I sewed them on!⁣

🌟Having a family Jam Session by the piano.  I played and sang my heart out whilst my kids chose a percussion instrument and joined in.

At the end of our day, my daughter said “Mummy, you made today nice”. My heart grew!  It expanded threefold!  Some days all the effort we put in as parents seems to go unnoticed.  Yesterday was one of those rare jewels where our family was sparkling with joy.

A Magical Childhood was created!⁣

Pictured here, are my children basking in the warmth and coziness of their playhouse, admiring their Autumn Leaf Bunting.⁣

It was a happy, slow Sunday.⁣