Activities for Seaside Holidays

My family and I are currently enjoying a few weeks at the Seaside in North Wales.  The weather is quite changeable, so I have come prepared with a variety of activities for all winds and weathers.

On sunny days, we have been taking our little wooden sailboats down to the seashore.  We have learned through trial and error, to get ones with a keel for windy days!  I think our little boats will retire to the bathtub on our return home.  Despite their constant capsizing, my children learnt a lot about wind and sails.  Later that day, we went out on a sailboat all together as a family.  It was the first time ever for us, as my daughter has only just turned three.  For me, it was my first time being able to go sailing in over 5 years.  It can be bittersweet to say goodbye to the baby and toddler years... but regaining a sense of self is quite empowering.

Besides our boating adventures, I packed a rainy day activity.  Beautiful little colouring books and quality pencil crayons.  This is an activity that is far more effective with young children when you participate.  They absolutely thrive on learning through imitation.  When choosing colouring books, I made sure to get three of the same one.  So far, we have coloured in restaurants, early mornings, and evening wind downs.  There is a storm expected today, so I will probably get the colouring out then too!  

As we are near a coastal path, we have also gone blackberry picking and flower collecting.  Our nature table is starting to look fantastic!  Lots of local blooms, seashells, stones, heather, and even a wild poppy.  We ate the blackberries!  Given the time of year there are not enough ripe ones to save for crumble or jam - just enough for little mouths to eat!

We have another week left here in Wales, and I am hoping for more time on the beach, sailing, hiking, bike riding, colouring, roasting marshmallows, and eating ice-creams.  Summertime really is a time of Slow Living at it's best.